• Immigration


    The Party for Freedom calls for a sensible immigration policy that is based upon the fundamental considerations of sustainability, cultural compatibility, economic benefit and social cohesion.

  • Welfare and Unemployment


    Placement of long term unemployed into private enterprise agreements to give unemployed exposure to industry while boosting self esteem and labour market participation.

  • United Nations


    The Party promotes a positive independent democratic Australia and therefore rejects the use of international treaties to erode Australian sovereignty without democratic approval.

  • Multiculturalism


    Party for Freedom supports the abolition of state sponsored multiculturalism for the survival of the Australian people. Freedom calls for a return to the previous successful policy of assimilation.

  • Investigation into federal Parliament


    The party supports the creation of a permanent anti-corruption peoples commission into parliamentary abuse, corruption, lies and treason.

  • Free Speech


    The Party for Freedom supports the right of Australians to hold their own opinions, beliefs and thoughts without restrictive government legislation and policy designed to limit free speech.

  • Foreign Ownership


    Scrap FIRB (Foreign Investment Review Board) and establish a new foreign investment board that places restrictions on foreign investments esp. from Chinese government backed interests.

  • Foreign Aid


    While Party for Freedom accepts the need for prompt cash support for disaster aid, the Party otherwise promotes non-cash forms of foreign aid which are of benefit to Australian interests.

  • Education


    Party for Freedom endorses an Australians first education policy, which includes a quota system to limit maximum numbers of overseas students.

  • Economy


    Freedom promotes smaller government, smaller bureaucracy, and termination of wasteful bureaucracies such as the climate change bureaucracy.

  • Crime and Justice


    The Party calls for zero tolerance of ethnic criminal gangs by Police and the court system. The Party calls for low to medium security prisons to be turned into privately run factories.

  • Border Protection


    Party for Freedom supports moves to re-establish offshore processing. Australia to withdraw from UN Protocol on Refugees and instant deportation of illegal aliens who arrive without identification.

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Over the past few months, the Australian public has been bombarded with gay marriage equality propaganda calling on voters to vote ‘yes’ for same sex marriage in the Australian Marriage Law Survey. The well-funded political campaign has been broadcast via mass media advertised on our televisions, radios, in the print media and on social media forcefully reminding citizens that gay marriage is a human and […]

Same Sex Marriage: Vote ‘NO’ flyer delivered to Malcolm Turnbull’s Mansion.

On Saturday night, Party for Freedom activists travelled to the privileged harbourside ghetto of Point Piper to deliver a very important Vote ‘NO’ flyer to Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull. We couldn’t find a letterbox so we slipped the Vote ‘NO’ flyer under his front gate and put up ‘Straight Pride’ and other posters opposing same sex marriage on telegraph poles outside his residence. After slipping […]

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By Nick Folkes. On Friday morning the 8th September 2017, I opened the front door of my residence to discover a pile of defamatory flyers pushed under my front gate and placed in my letterbox. The flyer has been distributed in Rozelle, Balmain and Glebe in an effort to encourage intimidation and possible physical violence against me for my political views as has happened in […]

Straight Lives Matter: Say ‘No’ to LGBT Marriage.

This is a call to action! On Saturday 23rd September 2017, Party for Freedom will be holding a ‘Straight Lives Matter: Say ‘No’ to LGBT Marriage’ rally in the heart of rainbow territory on Oxford Street, Darlinghurst calling on our fellow Australians to vote ‘no’ in the upcoming postal vote on same sex marriage. There are many Australians who feel excluded from the current debate […]

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Over the past few months, we’ve witnessed violent scenes of anarchy in the USA where militant left wing groups have attacked and defaced Confederate statues in the hope of eradicating America’s proud past. From Baltimore to New Orleans, Democrat party Mayors and Councilors have torn down memorials to the Confederacy igniting protests across the eastern seaboard of the USA. More recently, the ‘Unite the Right’ […]

habitual Brandis wets his pants over Pauline’s burqa stunt.

By Geoff Prior Last Thursday, the Australian public witnessed renewed calls by Senator Pauline Hanson to ban the Islamic burqa in public when she wore a burqa into the Senate. Gauging the hateful reaction of the fakestream media dolts and the political left, Pauline’s stunt was a masterful move, as it was humorous. The bedwetting intellectual lightweight, Attorney General George Brandis turned ‘taking the bait’ […]

cock-a-hoopness Same Sex Marriage Postal Vote: Let the Nation decide.

It’s been a crazy week in Australian politics with grown straight men and a few shirt lifters in the Liberal party almost bringing down the government when rogue Senator Dean Smith began circulating his draft bill entitled ‘Marriage Amendment Definition and Religious Freedoms Bill’ last weekend to colleagues. Early in the week, Nationals MP Andrew Broad told his local newspaper, the Sunraysia Daily, if marriage […]

(630) 879-9637 Public Announcement: The Lithgow rally is going ahead!

Over the last week there have been a few rumours floating around about the possible cancellation of the ‘Keep Islam Out of Lithgow Public Information Session’. It is true that Lithgow Council tried to stop Party for Freedom holding the planned rally in Queen Elizabeth Park, Lithgow however reason and common sense have prevailed and the rally is going ahead. We submitted a Form 1 […]

(908) 947-3976 Party for Freedom activists cover Lithgow with anti-Islam rally flyers       

Party for Freedom activists teamed up with local patriotic activists in Lithgow to distribute thousands of flyers and posters advertising the upcoming public information session in Lithgow. Teams of activists worked busily all day Saturday delivering flyers to local residents, and also spoke to many locals on the dangers of accommodating the failed Islamic ideology in Lithgow. Our message was warmly accepted with locals pledging […]

6203653282 Keep Islam Out of Lithgow Public Information Session

On Sunday 30th July 2017 Party for Freedom will be holding a public information session in Queen Elizabeth Park, Lithgow. The public meeting will give locals an opportunity to hear from informative guest speakers who will detail the dangers of Islamic teachings and mosques, prayer halls and schools being established in Australian towns and suburbs including Lithgow. Islam is rapidly expanding in Australia with the […]